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About Jamie  

Jamie Carol is a musical artist who began his career in an unusual way; well, at least unusual for a country singer-songwriter.  Jamie used to be an opera singer.  Yes, you read that right… an opera singer.  But, while he was singing in Italian, French, and German on the opera stage, his heart was still in the country.  Maybe it’s because, even though he was born and raised in Southern California, his family roots are in Missouri and Arkansas.  He now lives in Arizona, which is much closer to the country he loves. 

In addition to singing country music, he also writes country music.  In fact, the majority of the songs he sings are his own.  Most country music is about life and the hard times that come with it. But Jamie really likes to get down into the deep cracks and crevices of life and poke around.  Some of his songs are wild and fun, but others take a stark and profound look at the realities of life that don’t get talked about very much.  And he likes to do all this with what he hopes is a strong and passionate melody.  Jamie really hopes you enjoy listening to his music as much as he enjoys creating it.  But the only way you’re going to find out if you like it is to give it a listen!  

Since you're here, be sure to watch Jamie's official music video for his singles, "Lemonade," and "We The People," below.  And check out the music player with all of his latest releases.  Finally, join the mailing list (above) and receive a free download of We The People.  

So, welcome to Carol Country!  (That’s what we call anything having to do with Jamie Carol).  Sit back, relax, and explore.  It’s a small site for now, but it won’t be for long!  And when you’re ready, please drop us a line and let us know what you think.  Thank you for stopping by!


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